Automation in the Clean Room

The LIEB wafer handling systems represent a generation of wafer handler and set new standard in safe handling of thin, ultra-thin and/or warped wafers. Consistent implementation of the modular design concept of mechatronic guarantees fully compatibility with the widest variety of wafer carriers. Automated wafer transfer tools are critical to any wafer fabrication or material handling facility as they eliminate the manual handling of the wafers and allow fab operators both to track each wafer throughout the manufacturing process and to completely eliminate any risk of damage and particle contamination. Wafer handlers are essential for economic inventory and material flow management in the modern semiconductor industry.

Clean Room



- polished stainless steel parts

- anodized aluminium parts

- coating of housing surface like customer specification

- powder coating

- wet coating

- polyarbonat or glass filling


Our systems are designed to handle 100-300 mm (4“ to 12“) wafers which can be processed in and out of Foup, SMIF or open cassettes.

Furthermore a mixed loading of the carrier boxes is possible. Our experience shows that also ultra-thin and warped wafers can be handled process-reliable. For some handling operations we designed standard handling units to serve your processing device (e.g. test equipment).


The LIEB end effector changing system is designed for multiple end effector parking spaces for single- and dualarm robot systems. Our in-house design and manufacturing offers a wide range for possible customized end effector for each wafer size.