Contract Manufacture

There are enough suppliers for standard parts. We are your supplier for something special, the specific, the unique.

We provide production output in highest quality in the areas turn, milling, welding and more. Cost and competition advantages are guaranteed by job order production at Lieb. You can use our services according to your needs. We produce parts based on customer drawings or we take over the design of your parts from the very first step. Our production capacity at LIEB is flexible and on-time available – from single part till serial. Our production possibilities vary from simple conventional machining to complex 5-axis simultaneous milling.

We process a multitude of materials like plastic, tool steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous heavy metal. Our aim being your supplier: We deliver reliable work, high quality and fair prices.

We offer:

  • unique / small batches
  • manufacturing of spare parts
  • repairs and maintenance of external machines
  • mechanical engineering/serial mechanical engineering

Sheet Metal Working

One of the always necessary competence of the mechanical engineering is, to bend, to purify, to coat and to process steel sheets. The range of sheet metal working by Werner Lieb GmbH is multifarious. From chamfering and casting till welding and coating – in-house Lieb almost anything is possible to do with sheet metal. Variants are specifically matched to the respective project.



Our skilled specialists grand you the opportunity to realize welding construction design, repairs as well as maintenance e.g. plummer block or sealing surface at Lieb. Depending on the material and application various processes are used like MIG / MAG or WIG in order to weld all common materials (steel, Inox, alu) as well as S/W connection. Beyond this also permanent connections can be made using soft soldering or hard soldering.


With our own painting department we are able to realize high-quality industry painting in short processing time. The all from one provider – thought is important as the kind and execution of the painting work becomes a part of the integrated process and belongs to the comprehensive quality approach.


Shape Cutting

The same applies here: It does not work, does not exist at LIEB! A 5-axis simultaneous-processing is also possible in our high-tech-machining centre like classical turning, milling, sanding, wire erosion and deep-hole-drilling. From the conventional turning to controlled machines with powered tool always the technology will be used, which is the best solution for our customer and for the project. It is an especially passion of LIEB to merge know-how of traditional manufacturing methods and modern know-how to get finally the best possible realization.