Werner LIEB GmbH

The company’s foundation began in the cellar of Werner Lieb´s dwelling, where spare and machine parts for the local toy industry were manufactured and shortly later special machines.
A new building at our current location was built, the movement was 1967. Based on the various tasks and good capacity utilisation further skilled labour were hired.
Based on lack of space a new assembly hall with crane runway was built.
Company´s founder died suddenly and unexpectedly. His son Dieter Lieb took over the management together a successful management team.
A new management and office building was built, move-in 1991.
As a result of capacity a further assembly hall was built
50th company anniversary
Steffen and Michael Lieb (grandchildren of Werner Lieb) took over the management and became managing partner
Complex clean-up operations within the total company to improve the energy efficiency, initial purchase of CNC lathe with provoked tools
Despite short-time working no layoffs. Many thanks to the employees, who remained loyal to the company even in difficult times
Initial purchase of the first 5-axis milling machine DMG and a cycle-lathe of Kern
Bavaria medium sized company prize – submitted by Premier Horst Seehofer
Rebuilding and modernization of production halls, to improve working processes, purchasing of a further real estate of 5,000 sq. m
Initial purchase of a further 5-axis milling machine and a new surface grinding machine
Plate of honour for special services the common good of Rödental: "Two business men with location loyalty and innovative power”
Aid of the new assembly building by the European Fond for Regional Development (EFRE) and the Free State of Bavaria
Internal development projects due to semiconductor industry realized
Mobile Clean Room ISO 8 for assembly
Securing corporate succession and growth financing through Active Capital Company, as well as expansion of the international sales network
As part of the active succession plan, Steffen and Michael Lieb left the company at the end of March and handed over management to Bas Groenen and Rüdiger Schindler. In addition a change of the name to a Ltd took place, too - Werner Lieb GmbH

Social Engagement

Being a family company, we feel obliged to the region. Giving back part of our success to those who do not always have it easy, that is one of our motivation to engage socially every year. For years we have been asking our customers to understand that we are foregoing Christmas presents and instead investing in projects such as children´s cancer aid, help for neighbours, children in need or simply a new goal, tracksuits or events for young athletes.

Our Founder

Our nowadays modern company was once founded by Werner Lieb in a cellar of his dwelling in 1955. Spare and machine parts for the regional toy industry were manufactured. That this was the foundation stone of the company, which today satisfies customers far beyond the Franconian borders, he could not adumbrate. His discipline and his high quality standards shape the family business in the third generation to this day.


The most important principle of the founder has therefore remained an unwritten law of the house: "Lieb does not just satisfy, Lieb inspires!"